James Burns

James Burns

Executive Vice President of PGW Solutions

“It all starts with putting the customer’s needs and objectives first.”

James Burns has been an integral member of the PGW Solutions team since September 2021. With his 20+ years of expertise in business and product development, Burns is an energy architect who has helped PGW Solutions grow to promote optimal energy efficiency and cost savings to top companies in manufacturing, healthcare, semiconductors, food and beverage, institutional, and many other business sectors.

Born in Waco and raised in Houston, Burns has always been passionate about growing business through strategy and product development and finding unique approaches to help his customers achieve their objectives. He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and has dedicated his career to creating and developing businesses in a variety of industries, holding positions such as Manager, Director, and Vice President. His present-day goal is to help businesses reach their operational, cost reduction, and sustainability commitments by converting to a more efficient way of operating.

“It all starts with putting the customer’s needs and objectives first. From there, I’m able to expand outwards using a variety of energy-, water-, and gas-saving resources to help my customers achieve more with very little to no impact on their budget at all.”
Burns has implemented his expertise into the hundreds of projects PGW Solutions has successfully completed and continues to be heavily involved in every step of the way.