• Previous Annual Lighting Energy Consumption - 304,366 kWh
  • Previous Foot Candles - 14
  • Previous Annual Energy Cost - $27,393
  • LED Lighting Foot Candles - 34
  • Annual Lighting Energy Consumption - 136,656 kWh
  • Annual Energy Cost - $15,094
  • Overall Energy Savings - 45%
  • 10 year LED + Maintenance Savings - $272,990

This is a great example of how making environmentally-friendly choices can also be financially beneficial. Alsco Uniforms made a commitment to sustainability and in providing a much safer work environment for their employees.

Brighten Your Facility, Boost Safety, & Cut Energy Costs With A Turnkey LED Lighting Retrofit

Since bursting onto the scene as an energy-saving, safety-boosting, day-brightening (literally) facility upgrade, LED lighting has remained at the forefront of the push for maximizing energy efficiency. With hundreds of LED retrofit installations under our belt – and hundreds of thousands in energy costs saved for our customers – PGW Solutions is your go-to partner for any and all of your LED lighting needs.

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