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What Is A Voltage Recycling System?

The Voltage Recycling System (“VRS”) is a device that redirects or recycles a portion of electricity that has already been delivered to the facility and uses that electricity to support, optimize, and/or enhance the existing electrical system.

PGW Solutions is proud to offer the world’s first Voltage Recycling System – a patented and proven device with over two thousand installations across a number of industries, achieving a host of beneficial results which have led to the VRS rapidly establishing itself as a staple in the power quality product space.

With its patented design, the VRS achieves a combination of benefits previously untapped by any single product, including results such as the prevention of momentary electrical blips – something plant engineers, reliability managers and many others have searched long and hard hoping to find.

Product Comparison

PGW Solutions offers a proprietary Voltage Recycling System (VRS) with a global design patent. Below is an overview of how the VRS differentiates itself from common power quality solutions.

Voltage Recycling System -Comparison
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What is the impact of a PGW Solutions' Voltage Recycling System?

Plant Resiliency & Reliability

  • Prevent electrical transients (blips, sages, surges, spikes).
  • Reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Reduce critical equipment from going offline.
  • Reduce surge, equipment overheating and restart issues after full outages.

Cost Savings & Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Increase productivity by reducing unplanned downtime.
  • Reduce electricity bill on an average of 10% - 15%.
  • Reduce kW Demand.
  • Reduce hidden Power Factor penalties.
  • Reduce electrical transients (blips, sags, surges, spikes).
  • Prolong critical equipment lifespan.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Promote sustainability by decreasing your carbon footprint.

Equipment Protection & Performance

  • Reduce voltage unbalance.
  • Reduce system heat.
  • Reduce harmonic distortion.
  • Reduce voltage fluctuations.
  • Reduce required maintenance.
  • Prolong critical equipment lifespan.
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Employee Health & Safety

  • Minimize unexpected shutdown and restart events.
  • Reduce operating temperature of motors, drives, and handled electrical equipment.
  • Reduce light flicker, electronic noise, and communication static.