Our patented water conservation system is an eco-friendly solution designed to optimize water intensity, protect against water surges, detect leaks, and provide real-time data for sustainable management.

There are several problems inherent in water delivery, usage and metering that can impact your water consumption and water costs. Most of these concerns revolve around water system pressure (PSI), flow rate (GPM) and turbulence. We understand the physics of water and have applied that understanding to save our customers money and water!

Combining advanced technologies such as surge protection, leak detection, and data monitoring, our system equips you with the means to reduce water intensity and potential property damage. By providing accurate data, our solution not only helps you manage your water spend, but also enables you to make informed decisions about water conservation. With our smart and sustainable solution, you can protect your water supply not only for the present but also for the future.

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Markets We Serve:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Bottling Plants
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Data Centers
  • Car Washes
  • Golf Courses
  • Government
  • Residential

What are the benefits of a PGW Solutions' LED Retrofit?

Why pay for air?

It’s a simple fact that along with the volume of water passing through your water meter is a volume of air. The volume of that air will vary as the water pressure fluctuates between static and dynamic pressure. The problem is that over 99% of water meters measure by volume, regardless of whether that volume is liquid or gas.

Improved Meter Accuracy

Water meters are designed to be accurate within a specific flow range (GPM). If the flow rate exceeds this range, it can cause the meter to measure inaccurately, charging you for more than the actual gallonage used.

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Surge Protection

City pressure can fluctuate significantly, causing pressure surges and drops which can cause the meter to over-spin, sometimes damaging water systems and equipment. Surges also occur anytime you go from a closed system (static) to an open system (dynamic).

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Reduce Water Leaks

Water fixtures in your building are typically designed for water pressure of no more that 65 PSI. The water pressure delivered by your municipality is often much higher, resulting in too much water being pushed through your fixtures and potentially leaking through seals and gaskets that are designed for 65 PSI, resulting in increased maintenance and replacement costs.