Decrease in Power Consumption


Decrease in Lighting Cost


Increase in Lighting Output


Increase in Foot Candles

If you're in the market to get your facility upgraded for safety and productivity... PGW Solutions IS your solution!

Dean Barkman, Operations Manager, Madden Bolt

  • Previous Lighting - 400 watt Metal Halides & T5 High Bays
  • Previous Foot Candles - 10
  • Previous Lighting Consumption - 152,310 kWh
  • LED Lighting Foot Candles - 35
  • LED Lighting Consumption - 62,077 kWh
  • Percentage of Savings - 59%

Brighten Your Facility, Boost Safety, & Cut Energy Costs With An LED Lighting Upgrade

Since bursting onto the scene as an energy-saving, safety-boosting, day-brightening (literally) facility upgrade, LED lighting has remained at the forefront of the push for maximizing energy efficiency. With hundreds of LED retrofit installations under our belt – and hundreds of thousands in energy costs saved for our customers – PGW Solutions is your go-to partner for any and all of your LED lighting needs.

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